The end of the mini-holiday at Lake Toba

The end of the mini-holiday at Lake Toba Last Monday our plane left again back to Kuala Lumpur. Our first real holiday was already over. Lake Toba was the perfect place to relax for a weekend and escape from the sometimes very busy Kuala Lumpur. We also saw quite a lot of the island of Samosir which made this the

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Batak houses on the island of Samosir

Batak houses on the island of Samosir During a tour on the island of Samosir, you will come across all kinds of things. Hot Springs that don't exist anymore, monkeys, waterfalls, endless green landscapes and Batak houses. A Batak house is an attraction itself and worth a visit to discover its history. Parapat When you take the boat from Parapat

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The ‘Hot Springs’ of Samosir Island

The 'Hot Springs' of Samosir Island We'd known for a few weeks that we'd be visiting the island of Sumatra. Enough time to read in and find the nicest places. According to several blogs on the internet Samosir, the island of Sumatra, has enough to offer, including the hot springs. This looked promising so we decided to go by car.

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