After You, dessert café in Bangkok

Every now and then (read: every evening) I like a dessert. And what is more fun than trying new desserts in a new country, on holiday? We were advised to go to After You where you can drink good coffee and various desserts.

After You

After You is a chain in Thailand and is spread over almost 20 places throughout Bangkok. We have been here twice and I am glad that this restaurant is not in Kuala Lumpur. Then I had to spend most of the day in the gym. But if you are in Bangkok and you are looking for a good coffee with a waffle then you have come to the right place.

Dessert café

The slogan of After You is: ‘There is always room for dessert’. I completely agree with that, otherwise, you really do something wrong and skip the best part of the meal. This dessert café was founded in 2007 by May, who loved coffee and sweets. When she was a little girl, she was busy trying out different recipes from the internet and television. She perfected these recipes and opened her first café after graduating.

Shibuya toast

At least the coffee here is very good. Perfect cappuccino where your spoon stays on and ice coffees with caramel syrup. Super popular is the ‘Shibuya honey toast’ with fruit and one or two scoops of ice cream. This dessert is so big that you better share it. And that comes out of my mouth, I’m still flabbergasted. The toast is quite large and we thought the honey was a bit dominant, but in combination with fruit, chocolate sauce, and ice cream it’s not bad at all!


Besides the Shibuya toast, the ‘Kakigori’ is also very popular. This dessert is so big that you wonder how people can eat it on their own. It appears in all colors, but the main ingredient is made of frozen water. That explains a lot and probably doesn’t fill the stomach too much. This dessert originally comes from Japan and here at After You they invented their own version of it. The plates are nicely made up before serving and it looks like a small work of art. If you can’t make a choice, choose the lava cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It melts on your tongue!

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