Brunch and Cake; overlooking the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

In Barcelona, you have endless choices of coffee shops, brunch spots, terraces for lunch, tapas, and bars. So it can be quite difficult to keep track and find something that is affordable and, very importantly, tastes good. So a brunch spot with a view of Sagrada Familia sounds too good to be true, right? Good news, we found the best brunch plan with a nice view! At Brunch and Cake, we sat down for a nice, what else could it be, brunch.

Grandma’s Goodness

‘In grandmothers, we trust’ is their motto, and of course, I can only agree. Brunch and Cake started in 2010 as a coffee and cake store in Barcelona but quickly grew into a very popular brunch spot. Manex, the founder, has dedicated his life to creating an inviting environment and healthy food with quality ingredients, authentic recipes, and organic produce, all served in generous portions with the promise of “Grandma’s Goodness. It sounds like it’s worth trying out, right?

Sagrada Familia

When there is a queue for a restaurant, you are always (or at least I am) doubting, and wondering if this is worth standing in line for. At Brunch and Cake, this is certainly the case! Besides, the waiting isn’t that long at all, so if you have 15 minutes to wait, it will be worth it. This brunch spot has a small terrace, and with a little bit of luck, you can sit here and have a beautiful view of the Sagrada Familia. Should this not be the case, it is very cozy inside, so you can also sit here and enjoy your food peacefully.

Brunch and Cake locations

Matcha frappuccino

There are plenty of choices for drinks as well. From smoothies and coffees to cocktails for under €8. At this location, you can see the drinks being made in the store itself and not somewhere hidden in the kitchen. For me, the Iced Matcha Latte was prepared with oat milk and to our great surprise, it turned into a kind of frappuccino. Of course, you won’t hear me complain as this was the perfect combination with my already sweet lunch. Jeroen went for the Tropical smoothie with mango, passion fruit, and orange, which turned out to be the perfect smoothie. What makes a good smoothie? 1. Thickness, it should be thick enough to drink through your straw. 2. Cold, no one wants a half-warm smoothie. 3. The size, let’s face it, a smoothie is best when it is a meal in itself. At Brunch and Cake, we ticked off all three points for this smoothie.


It’s not possible to make reservations in advance, so there’s nothing to do but join the back of the line. Perhaps the other two locations (Brunch and Cake by the Sea and Brunch and Cake Plaça Reial) are less crowded and you can walk right in. Just as cozy by the way, because each location is unbelievably relaxing, creating a homey atmosphere where, in addition to fresh dishes, a lot of attention is paid to the preparation of the drinks.

Brunch and Cake smoothies


Brunch and Cake are not only found in Barcelona, where it all started but are rapidly expanding throughout the rest of the world. In Dubai alone, you will find four different locations, and also in Barcelona itself, you will find Brunch and Cake in two more locations. In addition, 22 more new restaurants are planned soon. It is not surprising that this business is doing so well, partly because of the quality of products used and that everything is prepared in-house. Very nice to see how the fresh drinks are prepared!

Next-level Avo Toast

Time to make a choice, because we didn’t come here just to admire the drinks. Jeroen always opts for a savory lunch, and I prefer a sweet one. So a good combination, although it is quite rare that we share both dishes. Maybe we taste a bite of each other’s food but then, as fast as we can we return to our own dishes. Jeroen ordered the Next-level Avo Toast with tomatoes, olive oil, and feta. Next-level it certainly was, because they sure know how to serve portions here. Fresh bread with a large amount of avocado, and poached egg. They served this dish beautifully which made it almost too good to eat. I ordered the Torrita de Brioche Casera. The homemade brioche with caramelized banana and nuts, red berries, merengues, pink yogurt, and agave syrup. It almost breaks your teeth just reading about it, but it was delicious!

Food brunch and cake

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