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Early 2019 we moved from the Netherlands to Kuala Lumpur. We didn’t think long if we wanted to do this or not. We said yes and would see what was going to happen. In a few months time everything had to be arranged. But where to start if you don’t know the country and have no idea what to expect? This has worked out very well for us and every day we are still happy with the choice we have made. We want to inspire others and help them move abroad. In one year we have learned so much. Not only about the country we had never been to, but also about ourselves!

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Be prepared

We can recommend it to everyone to make this step. Even if it’s only for a year! Of course, you should not forget that moving abroad involves a lot. But don’t let this scare you away! When you have everything in order and are prepared for the unknown, it will be really fun! Don’t let resistance stop you, but learn from it and use it to further develop yourself. You can always send me a message for questions or remarks. I am happy to help you!

Moving abroad short list

  • Get your visa!
  • Make sure your work permit has been arranged before you move
  • Have all important documents translated and authenticated
  • Obtain an international driving licence
  • Visit the embassy in your home country for more information
  • Make a list of expected income and expenses
  • Read about the country you’re going to live in
  • Find out which neighborhoods are right for you
  • Look for apartments in advance
  • Arrange a removal company
  • Find a hotel where you can stay for the first few weeks
  • Search online for sports clubs or associations that you like
  • Sign up with the association of your home country
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