From vacationing in Langkawi to moving to Switzerland

it has been a while since I last posted a blog, and we are already halfway through the second month of 2021. A lot has happened recently, work, vacation, and arranging a move! Time to catch up

Mrs. Corona

Our plans looked very different last year. We were going to return to the Netherlands three times, we were planning lots of fun trips, and we were going to celebrate Christmas in the Netherlands. None of these plans came true, hello Mrs. Corona, and it has been almost a year since our last time in the Netherlands. Oh well, we can’t change anything about it, and with the occasional mild lockdown form, we still managed to do a lot here in Malaysia.

China House

We took the train twice to Penang, where we stayed at The Prestige in Georgetown and Muntri Mews. To be honest, Georgetown looks a bit bleak without tourists and closed stores. Nevertheless, we always have a great time here, especially with the food. And even though I’ve been here four times now, each time we discover new restaurants, such as Il Bacaro (delicious tiramisu) and Wheelers (fantastic smoothies). But we also had to stop at our favorites for a slice of pie at China House, and a plate of char kway teow down the street.

Favorite way of transportation

The train remains my favorite form of transportation of all time. Okay, you sit on the train for four hours with a face mask, but at least you’re not in the traffic jam for hours. Besides, it’s incredibly quiet, and the view is beautiful! Better than a car, which takes seven hours over 290 kilometers. But more about that later. Hopefully, the borders for tourists will open here soon then I recommend everyone to take the train to Penang. Not only do you have a fun route to enjoy, but you stop by several towns, like Ipoh, where you can hop off for a Kopi-O.


To top it all off, to our great surprise, we went on vacation to Langkawi! We had already booked this in November, just before we went into lockdown. So we didn’t think that holiday was going to happen. Just before Christmas, the cases went down, and interstate travel was allowed. So we enthusiastically jumped into the rented car and drove to Perlis. A journey that we, fortunately, split into two days where we also spent 3.5 hours on the ferry. Oh yes, and on the way back our drive of four hours had increased to about seven hours.

Moving to Switzerland

It didn’t matter because we were able to enjoy our vacation in Langkawi. And just one week later, the announcement came that the MCO was back again. This time the Movement Control Order means that we are not allowed to be more than ten kilometers from home, restaurants and stores are closed, and you can’t go outside. Meanwhile, this also changes every few days, and stores and restaurants are now open again. Still, we are not allowed to leave our state, and that is quite a pity because in less than a week we will be moving to Switzerland! The past few weeks have been hectic, especially since we had to arrange everything for the move on short notice.

New adventure

So, sooner than expected, we are leaving Malaysia. On the one hand, it’s too bad, because we are having a great time here. We planned to come back to Europe this year, but six months later. Oh well, you might think six months is nothing, but in this corona time, I would have liked to see more of Malaysia and Southeast Asia. But on the other hand, we are also looking forward to this new adventure! Besides, it is of course very nice to live close to family and friends again. So time to pack our suitcases and enjoy the delicious Asian food before we get on the plane next week for the first time in a year.

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