The famous Chilli Crab from Singapore

Singapore is known for its important business center, but this is not the only thing the city has to offer. Countless parks, many more shopping malls, a private party island and delicious food. The ‘Chilli Crab’ is a specialty from this country and is praised everywhere as the best seafood in Singapore and surroundings. We tried it out.

$1100, please

A trip to Singapore isn’t complete without tasting the ‘Chilli Crab’. At least that’s what they say. I read an article from 2014 where a Filipino family went to Singapore for dinner. They ordered crab for four people, ate deliciously and then they got the bill. $1100 please, converted to €733! That is, of course, a ‘bit’ of a shock. It eventually cost the man his monthly salary.


We didn’t think this was such a good plan and of course, it can be much cheaper. The family also ordered a different kind of crab, way more expensive. The language barrier was the problem and in the end, they were left with a huge bill. Instead of an expensive restaurant, such as Jumbo Seafood, you can also eat the ‘Chilli Crab’ in the various foodcourts that you find scattered throughout the country.

Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab

When we were seated at a plastic table on our stools, at Newton Foodcourt, we were ready to order. We were in a group of four so we chose the Chilli Crab and the Black Pepper Crab. Twenty minutes later there were two large plates with crab in front of us. How to eat that? I was looking for sharp knives and a pair of tongs to get that meat out of the shell. But that didn’t happen, we did it with our hands.


I don’t even like to eat chicken leg so I didn’t see how this was going to happen. In many restaurants in Singapore, you get a cover on and a pair of tongs. But when you eat on the street, it works just a little bit different. We did get plastic gloves, I immediately used three pairs of them. When you break the legs, you would spontaneously become a vegetarian, you can slurp the meat out.


This was the first time I ate crab and you could see it was a crab. It was delicious, the sauce not too spicy but you have to work for it. After the meal I had still quite an appetite ha ha so much meat doesn’t come out. Luckily we got a cup of rice with it! And the bill? At least cheaper than with the Filipino family.

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