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Writing is what I like best, so I love to do it as much as possible. Besides the blogs I write daily for Lisa on Air, I also work for other Dutch websites. On these blogs, I give tips about the best restaurants in a certain place or I tell you more about the nicest things you can do in a particular country. I also write a column every month that highlights one topic.

Curious about the possibilities of working together? Send me a message at lisa@lisaonair.com. You can think of sponsored content, a win action or writing blogs in exchange for exposure.

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On the website of Travelstamps, part of We Fly Cheap, I write a number of articles every month. Below you can read which ones are published on the website.

Say no to turtle eggs’

In this blog I write about the turtles on the Malaysian island of Redang. On the mainland of Malaysia the eggs are sold as a delicacy to the locals. Less than an hour away by boat, on Redang, the turtles and their eggs are protected. The Chagar Hutang beach has its own research centre where the sea turtles are closely monitored.

Aquaria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

The Malaysian island of Redang: what to do here?

In this blog you can read about what’s going on on the Malaysian island of Redang. Snorkel between terrapins and have a romantic dinner on a rock or take a boat tour to the beach of Chagar Hutang to learn more about sea turtles. And also enjoy the sun and the beautiful blue seawater. Without any effort you can easily spend a week here.

Kon’nichiwa Tokyo, Japan: most fun activities to do

In Tokyo you can easily have a week of fun. In this city with more than 36 million inhabitants you won’t get bored. Bicycles, museums, shopping and of course the food. In this blog on We Fly Cheap I write about the activities you really shouldn’t miss when you’re in this city.

Museum Mori Art

Beautiful Bali: 10 best restaurants you have to try

Sun, food, sun and again food. If that’s what you’re looking for, then Bali is the place to be. The restaurants are beautifully decorated, the service is incredibly friendly and the quality of the food? Fantastic! Read more about my 10 favorite restaurants in Canggu.

Canggu villa


Every month I write a column on the website of Asia.nl. This can be about anything: from how we ended up in Kuala Lumpur to the Malaysian toilets I still can’t get used to.

In love to the other side of the world

In my first column you can read about the beginning of our adventure. A year ago we decided to pack our things and get on a plane to Kuala Lumpur. So arranging my visa was a little bit of hassle, more than we had thought beforehand.

Swimmingpool in Kuala Lumpur

First time Christmas and New Year’s Eve abroad

For the first time during the holidays we are in Kuala Lumpur. We thought of all kinds of plans in advance to make it a December month as pleasant as possible. But it turned out that there are still some differences between Christmas in the Netherlands and in Asia.

Kuala Lumpur ziekenhuis

Up to your ankles in the water, how do I survive the Malaysian toilet?

A Dutch girl who moves to Malaysia faces a lot of challenges. Going to the public toilet is one of them. I’ll admit it, I’m open to adventures but don’t take my toilet! The first time I came across this ‘problem’ was in Melaka.

Going to the supermarket during the Malaysian lockdown

During the Malaysian lockdown the most fun thing of the week is when I can go to the supermarket. This  does not go without a fight. With a mouth cap, gloves and hand sanitizer I do my weekly shopping.

Movement Control Order Covid-19